Is Weed Legal in Greece?

Is Weed Legal in Greece?

Feb 07, 2024

Cannabis remains illegal for recreational use in Greece, with strict penalties for possession, cultivation, and sale.

In July 2016, Greece initiated a working group to study medical cannabis, with a report due in October.

And in June 2017, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras announced the legalization of medical cannabis for patients with prescriptions.

By March 2018, the Greek Parliament approved domestic cultivation and production of medical cannabis.

However, medical use was legalized in 2017, and growing cannabis for pharmaceutical and industrial purposes.

Despite these changes, Greece's approach to cannabis is still evolving.

Legality of Cannabis in Greece

Historical Context

Cannabis has a long history in Greece, with evidence of its use dating back to ancient times. However, in the 20th century, Greece adopted strict drug laws, including a ban on cannabis.

The Greek government outlawed cannabis in 1890, and it has remained illegal ever since.

Medical Cannabis Regulations

The Greek government has implemented a medical cannabis program that allows for the cultivation and distribution of cannabis for medical purposes.

Pharmaceutical companies and industrial hemp suppliers can apply for licenses to grow and produce medical cannabis in Greece. Patients with specific medical conditions can access medical cannabis with a doctor's prescription.

While Greece has made progress in legalizing medical cannabis, recreational cannabis remains outlawed.

The Greek government remains strict on cannabis laws, and penalties for cannabis-related offenses can be severe.

However, attitudes towards cannabis are becoming more tolerant, and there have been discussions about assessing and potentially amending Greece's cannabis laws.

Cannabis remains illegal in Greece for recreational purposes, the Greek government has lifted the ban on medical cannabis and implemented regulations for its cultivation and distribution.

The use of cannabis for medical purposes is strictly controlled, and penalties for cannabis-related offenses can be severe.

Impact and Considerations

Economic and Social Impacts

The legalization of weed in Greece can have significant economic and social impacts. It can create new job opportunities in the production and cultivation of marijuana and hemp fiber.

The sale of weed can also generate tax revenue for the government, which can be used to fund various social programs.

Moreover, the legalization of weed can reduce the burden on the criminal justice system, which can focus on more serious crimes.

International Perspectives

The legalization of weed in Greece can have implications for other European Union (EU) countries and the world at large. Greece is the first southern European country to legalize weed for medical purposes, and this can set a precedent for other EU countries.

It can also have implications for countries that are dealing with refugees and migrants who use weed as a coping mechanism.

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