What Can You Use as Rolling Paper: Alternative Options for Smokers

What Can You Use as Rolling Paper: Alternative Options for Smokers

Feb 05, 2024

Rolling papers serve as the foundation for crafting cigarettes or joints, offering smokers a customizable experience.

With various types available, selecting the right rolling paper can significantly impact the smoking journey.

Types of Traditional Rolling Papers

In the realm of traditional rolling papers, three primary materials dominate the market: hemp, rice, and wood pulp.

  • Hemp Papers: Crafted from hemp fibers, these papers boast a slow burn rate and a subtle taste, making them a favorite among connoisseurs.

  • Rice Papers: Known for their thinness, rice papers ignite quickly, providing a swift smoking experience.

  • Wood Pulp Papers: Thicker than their hemp and rice counterparts, wood pulp papers offer a balanced burn rate, falling between hemp and rice in terms of speed.

Factors Influencing Rolling Paper Choice

Several factors influence the choice of rolling paper:

  • Size: The size of the rolling paper dictates the volume of tobacco or herbs it can accommodate.

  • Flavor and Taste: The paper's flavor can subtly alter the overall taste of the smoke, influencing the smoker's experience.

  • Thickness: Paper thickness directly impacts the burn rate, with thinner papers combusting faster than thicker ones.

Brand Consideration

Brands like RAW Rolling Papers, renowned for their use of unbleached natural fibers, offer smokers a clean and slow-burning option. Similarly, hemp papers are favored by those who prioritize a natural smoking experience.

Rolling Paper Alternatives

When traditional rolling papers are unavailable, alternatives come to the rescue:

  • Natural Alternatives: Options such as corn husks and banana leaves, boasting thin and flexible properties ideal for rolling.

  • Household Items as Substitutes: In a pinch, parchment paper, gum wrappers, or even receipts can serve as makeshift rolling papers, although caution should be exercised regarding safety and practicality.

Evaluating Safety and Practicality

While creative substitutes like foil or Bible pages may seem tempting, safety should always be a primary concern. Materials like plain tissue paper or flavored rolling papers offer alternatives but may not always be the most practical or cost-effective solutions.


Understanding the nuances of rolling papers and their alternatives empowers smokers to craft a customized smoking experience. Whether selecting from traditional materials or exploring creative substitutes, prioritizing safety and preferences ensures an enjoyable smoking journey.

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