What's A Gravity Bong? How Do You Make One?

What's A Gravity Bong? How Do You Make One?

Jan 15, 2024

Getting Lit: What is a gravity bong and how do you make one?

Bro, from vapes and edibles to joints and pipes, the options to get stoned are endless. But you know what's a classic move? Hitting the bong, man. It's easy, efficient, and just hits different, especially when it's got those cool percolators. But wait, there's more – ever heard of the gravity bong, bro?

What is a Gravity Bong?

So, you know the bong, right? Classic. But a gravity bong, also known as a bucket or waterfall bong, takes things up a notch. It's like, homemade and all, but the experience is unmatched. Plus, it's easier on the lungs, bro. Instead of your lungs doing the work, gravity pulls the smoke into the bottle. It's science, dude.

How do you make a gravity bong?

If you're into DIY and wondering how bongs are made, making a gravity bong at home is the way to go. All you need are a couple of bottles, aluminum foil, a knife, and some good ol' cannabis. Cut one bottle, make a bowl, and get that smoke filling up with gravity, man. It's like building your own smoking gadget – DIY style.

How do you use a Gravity Bong?

Unlike regular bongs that rely on your lung power, gravity bongs are all about gravity, bro. Fill the big bottle halfway, submerge the smaller one with the bowl, light up, and watch the smoke rise. Unscrew, fill your lungs, and feel the hit. It's a different vibe, trust me.

Gravity Bongs vs. Regular Bongs

Now, here's the scoop. Gravity bongs hit hard, bro. One massive hit instead of a few regular ones. It's like the superhero of bongs, maximizing each hit and preserving your stash. But, hold up – regular bongs have their perks too. They filter out the impurities, providing a cleaner hit every time. Gravity bongs may pack a punch, but regular ones keep it smooth.

If you want to know about quantities and how much to put here's an article on it. 

Is a Gravity Bong Your Jam?

Building your own bong from scratch, that's some rewarding stuff, bro. It's a powerhouse for those potent hits. But hey, if you've got a regular bong lying around, why not switch it up sometimes? Oh, and there are those manufactured gravity bongs hitting the market. Pricey, but they're like the luxury cars of the smoking game.

So, whether you're DIY-ing it or eyeing those sleek manufactured ones, a gravity bong could be your next go-to for those intense, unforgettable hits, bro. Keep it chill and keep it lit!

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