How much is an eighth of weed?

How Much is A Eighth, Quarter, Ounce, or Pound of Weed?

Jan 15, 2024


How Much is A Eighth, Quarter, Ounce, or Pound of Weed?

Navigating cannabis retail pricing can be complex, with prices varying and a multitude of slang terms describing standard weights and sizes. This information is crucial for both cannabis operators and customers, ensuring smooth transactions and an understanding of the cost of weed.

Cannabis prices differ from state to state, influenced by factors such as accessibility, climate, and the type of cannabis being sold. Some regions lack the infrastructure or climate for optimal cultivation, relying on shipments from other locations. Craft growers may charge higher prices based on factors like terpenes, potency, and cultivation practices.

The cost of weed is also influenced by geographical location, with considerations for licensing and taxes. High-tax regions may experience elevated prices. Understanding measurements is crucial for those in the cannabis industry, and branding plays a significant role in increasing profits. Eye-catching packaging and great branding can upsell products and contribute to the success of a cannabis brand.

Cannabis is commonly sold by the ounce, with dispensaries breaking down their supply into gram, eighth, quarter, half an ounce, and ounce sizes. Some places may even allow purchases by the quarter pound. Here's a closer look at each size in California, Colorado, and Michigan.

How Much Is A Gram Of Weed?

On average, a gram costs between $7 and $15. Prices vary based on quality, with better-quality flower leaning towards the $15 range. In Colorado, the average gram price is $7.14, in California, it's $8.93, and in Michigan, it's $9.74.

Ultimately, weed prices depend on where you are in the country. If you’ve ever looked into how to start a cannabis brand you can start here. 

How Much Is An Eighth (3.5 Grams) Of Weed?

An eighth can range from $25 to $64, with an average price of $30-$40. In Colorado, it's $24.99, in California, $31.25, and in Michigan, $34.07.

How Much Is A Quarter Ounce (7 Grams) Of Weed?

Prices range from $50 to $130, with an average of $55-$80. In Colorado, it's $49.97, in California, $62.50, and in Michigan, $68.15.

How Much Is A Half Ounce (14 Grams) Of Weed?

In some places, a half ounce ranges from $95 to $250. In California, it's around $125, in Colorado, $95, and in Michigan, $136.60.

How Much Is An Ounce (28 Grams) Of Weed?

An ounce can cost from under $200 to over $500. In California, it's around $250, in Michigan, $272.59, and in Colorado, $199.89.


How Much Is A Pound Of Weed?

The price of a pound varies, with Colorado dropping to $709, California ranging from $750 to $1,1000, and Michigan priced between $1,000 and $1,500. The market is expanding, with prices fluctuating over the years.

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